Shapeways intros squeezable Elasto Plastic 3D printing material for makers


See that squeezable bunny up there? It was created in a material 3D printing mail-away company Shapeways calls Elasto Plastic. The substance is the latest medium offered up from the organization, currently available exclusively to makers to help test out its effectiveness. The resulting 3D printed objects can be squeezed, squished, twisted and can hold liquids. It does have some shortcomings, however, as it dislikes high temperatures, fire and isn’t so great for printing small objects. To see the material in action — and to hear a grown man utter the phrase “flexible squishy goodness,” check out the video after the break.

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Via: TechCrunch

Source: Shapeways

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Tumblr’s Creative Director Quits



Tumblr‘s creative director and fifth employee, Jacob Bijani, has left the company less than two weeks after it was acquired by Yahoo.

In a post to his personal Tumblr, Bijani writes that he plans to take some time off “to digest the last few years” and that he has “about a dozen different projects planned” — projects, we assume, he’ll want to get started after that break.

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Bijani’s post, in full:

Today was my last day at Tumblr.

Five years ago I joined a team of four as Tumblr’s first designer, creative director, and product engineer. That team has since grown to 182 of the most wonderful and talented people around.

I’m so proud of what we’ve all created together, and it’s been a privilege to contribute to something beloved by so many. I can’t wait to see what’s next for the product; I’m sure it will be nothing short of incredible.

There’s still a lot more I want to accomplish, and I’m really excited about this next chapter. For now, I’m going to take some time off to digest the last few years. I have about a dozen different projects planned, so expect more from me soon! Read more…

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Nick brings full episodes streaming to iPhone now, Xbox 360 next month

Nickelodeon brings full episodes streaming to iPhone now, Xbox 360 next month

Nickelodeon released an iPad app with full episode streaming back in February, but now an update has opened things up to the iPhone and iPod touch as well. Version 1.1 also promises more music videos and less crashing, among other tweaks. However, if you have an agreeable cable or satellite provider, then the ability to watch video on-demand is the headliner. There are a few episodes available without logging in, but subscribers to DirecTV, Time Warner Cable, U-verse, FiOS, Bright House Networks, Cablevision, Hawaiian Telecom, Suddenlink and RCN will get the most mileage. Of course, if the kids (or, adult Big Time Rush fans, whatever works) prefer to watch their TV on TV, they may prefer the Xbox 360 app — like Windows 8 and other platforms, the current app brings mostly clips and other tidbits — that’s on the way. Variety indicates it will hit the console June 25th, but, despite its post-E3 launch, its Xbox One launch plans are “not determined.” There’s a quick video preview embedded after the break, or you can hit the source link below and grab the free app for yourself.

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Source: iTunes, Variety

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Obama Wants You to Follow The Audubon Society on Twitter, Sort Of



President Barack Obama has a Follow Friday suggestion for all you Twitter users out there: environmental/bird appreciation group The Audubon Society.

#FF: @audubonsociety

— Barack Obama (@BarackObama) May 31, 2013

What’s up with this #FF? It’s a playful response to a recent slideshow from satirical news outlet The Onion, “19 Tweets From The Audubon Society/Barack Obama Twitter Feud” (warning: language).

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OK, the @BarackObama account isn’t really the president anymore. Rather, it’s controlled by Organizing for Action (OFA), a grassroots organization set up to support Obama’s legislative goals. While that sounds like semantics, it’s actually an important distinction for a couple of reasons Read more…

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Updating Your Twitter Profile Is Now Much Easier



Twitter has now made it even easier to upload a new profile picture, header image or background image to your profile.

You can edit profile photos by clicking the “Edit Profile” button at the top of your Twitter profile page, which will allow you to click and edit individual parts of your profile –- such as the profile picture, background image and even your personal description.

For profile photos, access the forward-facing camera on your computer and snap a quick profile pic. For header and background images, just drag and drop photos from your computer and make quick, on-the-fly adjustments Read more…

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Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic now available on iPad for $9.99

It seems that a pretty easy shortcut for game developers is to port over a 10 year old game to a mobile platform and charge $9.99 for it. We’ve seen Rockstar do it with Grand Theft Auto III as well as GTA Vice City (with San Andreas expected next year). Now Bioware wants in on the fun with Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic…

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Digital Wand Brings Abstract Paintings to Life



Every famous painting has a good muse. Sometimes, when the muse is a person, an abstract version might appear on canvas.

So what would the models of Picasso paintings look like in real life? Hungarian artist Flóra Borsi conceptualized classic paintings by digitally manipulating the compositions

“Nowadays, almost every photographer uses graphics software to complete the picture, like many painters used ‘original versions’ in the past,” Borsi said.

SEE ALSO: Artist Creates Real Clouds Indoors

Take a look at the paintings below and decide for yourself if they could be the real-life models. Read more…

1. “Fool’s Hat – Narrenhut” by Rudolf Hausner

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Twitter adds inline profile editing, drag-and-drop photo uploads

Twitter adds inline profile editing, draganddrop photo uploads

Twitter has made it just a tad easier to tweak your profile information by offering the option of changing them inline. The feature, which is available through both the website and its official mobile apps, enables faster changes to your account bio, as well as drag-and-drop upload capability for your header and profile photos. It’s a small change, but ultimately it’s meant to encourage users to keep their accounts fresh and relevant. Check out the video below the break to see exactly how it works.

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Via: TheNextWeb

Source: Twitter

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Hulu Plus Gets a Facelift on Wii, Roku and Samsung TVs



Hulu has rolled out a new interface for Hulu Plus on Roku, select Samsung TV and Blu-ray players and the Nintendo Wii.

The update mirrors changes made to the PlayStation 3 Hulu Plus interface last fall and this spring’s Apple TV redesign.

The update is more living room-centric, with a focus on larger artwork, an easier way to scroll through recommendations and improved search. It also brings the Hulu Kids section into the living room.

Roku users should get the update now, as should 2012 and 2013 Samsung TV and Blu-ray owners. The update will hit the Wii soon.

At least five companies are reportedly bidding on Hulu — including Yahoo. While Hulu’s top traffic draw is its free website, the more than 4 million paying Hulu Plus subscribers are the key to the company’s future. Read more…

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Review: Nokia Lumia 521 for T-Mobile

Nokia churns out another capable Windows Phone with the Lumia 521 for T-Mobile. See if this budget smartphone is the right pick for you in Phone Scoop’s in-depth review.

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